How do I change or cancel an order ?

To change or cancel an order, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on our website.
  2. Go to your order history and locate the order you wish to change or cancel.
  3. Click on the "Edit" or "Cancel" button next to the order.
  4. If you wish to change the order, modify the items or shipping details as necessary and click "Save Changes".
  5. If you wish to cancel the order, select the reason for cancellation and click "Cancel Order".
  6. If the cancellation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

If you are unable to change or cancel your order through your account, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible for assistance. Please note that orders that have already been shipped may not be able to be cancelled or modified.



How do I finalize a payment?

Finalizing a payment depends on the specific payment method you have chosen. Here are some general steps that may apply:

  1. On the checkout page, select the payment method you wish to use.
  2. If you are paying with a credit or debit card, enter the card details as requested. If you are paying through an online payment platform such as PayPal, you will be directed to log in to your account to complete the transaction.
  3. Review the details of your purchase, including the items in your shopping cart and the total cost, to ensure everything is correct.
  4. Click on the "Confirm" or "Pay Now" button to submit your payment.
  5. If the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message or receipt.

If you encounter any issues while finalizing your payment, such as an error message or declined transaction, double-check the information you have entered and ensure you have sufficient funds available. You can also contact the customer support team for assistance.


How will I know if my order has been received?

To ensure the best shopping experience for our customers, we offer various support options to address any questions or concerns they may have. One of the frequently asked questions we receive is: "How will I know if my order has been received?".

After the completion of the checkout process on our website, you will receive an automated notification at the email address provided, confirming that your order has been received successfully. This confirmation message will include all the details of your purchase, such as the list of items purchased, the total purchase amount, the delivery address, and the payment method chosen.

Additionally, you can track the status of your order through our order tracking platform, which will be available in your user profile on our website. There, you will find up-to-date information on the progress of your order, such as the shipping date, delivery estimate, and other relevant details.

If you have any questions or issues with your order, our customer support team is available to assist you. You can reach us through our online chat on our website, via email, or by phone, and we will be happy to help you.