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Urban Skin Rx Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads
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 Swipe right for oily skin! Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Padspack a punch when it comes to pimples and post-breakout marks. A single swipe helps clarify pores, control oil and improve the look of dark marks to reveal a clearer-looking complexion. How? These powerful pads contain an effective combination of Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, promote even-looking skin tone, remove excess oil and leave behind a skin cleansing formula that feels and smells fresh. Boosted with brightening ingredients like Phytic Acid, these multi-purpose pads are also the PERFECT solution for improving the appearance of dark marks left behind by blemishes. Stop popping pimples and start putting them in their place. This is a swipe right you wont regret. Using them is a breeze! After cleansing, wipe a moist pad over your face 1-2 times a day. Glow Tip:These pads pair perfectly with our fave cleanser for oily skin, the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar. With this duo in your regimen, blemishes dont stand a chance! What is ClearTone Advanced Technology? Learn more here. Who Should Use If you have oily skin and are struggling with breakouts, uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines, rough texture and post-breakout marks, these pads are your perfect match. How It Looks/Smells/Feels These textured round pads are soft to touch and come soaked in a white/off-white solution that feels cool on contact and leaves skin smelling fresh.

  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The Urban Skin Rx Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads contain a powerful combination of ingredients that effectively exfoliate dead skin cells, promote the appearance of even skin tone, remove excess oil, and leave behind a cleansing formula that targets current and future blemishes. Includes 30 multipurpose textured, round pads soaked in a clarifying solution that feels cool on contact.
  • WHY YOU NEED THIS: Formulated with key ingredients like Salicylic Acid USP 2%, Glycolic Acid 7.5%, Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid, and Papaya Extract, the Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads exfoliate dead skin, improve signs of aging and blemishes, fade the appearance of dark marks and hyperpigmentation, clarify pores, and control oil throughout the day. Ideal for those suffering from oily skin, blemishes, large pores, breakouts, and aging skin concerns. Do not use while pregnant or nursing.
  • HOW TO USE: After cleansing, wipe the entire facial area with one moist Glycolic Pad. Follow with serum and/or moisturizer. Can be used 1-2 times daily. If excessive dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once per day or every other day.
  • CAREFULLY FORMULATED: This powerful formula is backed by our ClearTone Advanced Technology, a proprietary blend of 6 ingredients that work synergistically to correct and prevent uneven skin tone and blemishes. SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains a Retinol that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a daily SPF 30 or higher, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterward.
  • ABOUT US: Urban Skin Rx, an unparalleled line of skincare products for diverse skin tones, was developed by Rachel Roff, a highly successful licensed medical aesthetician, laser technician and founder of one of the country's first medspa and laser centers specializing in darker skin tones. After noticing an inequality in diversity within the skincare industry, shes spent years formulating high-performance products designed to address the most common concerns of people with melanin-rich skin.

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